The New York Times

Lone Wolves Connected Online: A History of Modern White Supremacy

Zombie Urchins Are Destroying the Kelp Forest

You Say Myanmar, They Say Burma

Mexico’s “Other Disappeared” (Women in the World)

California Magazine

Elite Athletes and the Pregnancy Penalty

The Beautiful Life, Tragic Death, and Fascinating Career of Joan Brown

Into the Ishi Wilderness

Welcome to the Age of Billionaires in Space

Will A.I. Write the Next Great American Novel?

What Does the Post Roe Future Look Like

New York Mag’s The Cut

The Truth About Women and White Supremacy

The Guardian

Simone de Beauvoir and Open Marriage

The Atlantic

The Mind Does Not Belong in a Cubicle (online)

The Paris Review 

The Vast Beast Whistle of Space (online)

The Last Word (online)


House Hunting with Martha Gellhorn

Mother Jones

The Children of Deportation

An Interview with Laura Kipnis

Immigrants Are Going Hungry Because They’re Worried About Being Deported

From Tech Workers to College Kids, Trump is Taking on Legal Immigration

Could this Anti Immigrant Hardliner Grab a Top Border Patrol Spot? 

Here’s the Biggest Immigration Issue that Trump isn’t Talking About

We’ll Never See These Animals Again

Why You Should Eat More Sugar… According to a Study Funded by the Sugar Industry

Denver Isn’t the Only City Seizing Homeless People’s Gear


Zoos Drive Animals Crazy

The Changing Face of Climate Change

Building the New Sandy Hook

Why Do We Eat Wilbur, But Not Fido?

An Interview with Lois Lowry

Why Does Everyone Hate Cheerleader and Big Game Hunter Kendall Jones?

The First Men’s Rights Conference Makes a Good Point. And a Lot of Bad Ones.

Rx: 50 mg of Nature, ad lib

I Started a Business with My Dad (And almost stabbed him only once)

Why I Regret Being a Nice Boss


Outdoor Learning: Education’s Next Revolution?

The Chronicle for Higher Education, Vitae Blog

Misadventures in Networking

The Seventeen Dollar Sandwich 

Barnes and Noble Review

Book Review of Nikil Saval’s Cubed

The Washingtonian

A personal essay about opening (and closing) a coffee shop.

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